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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY


Posted By Fred Golofaro, November 6, 2017
 I suppose we can call it some semblance of a fall run but the bulk of the fish making up that run in many areas are running anywhere from 12 or 14 inches to 26 inches and that just doesn’t cut it for most of the casters I’ve been talking to. Of course, it could mean good news down the road for the striped bass fishery, but the lack of quality fish on our beaches, and even keepers for that matter, has lots of casters laying claim to their worst fall fishing ever. The lack of bluefish in our waters has exacerbated the problem. That body of bigger bass that has been residing in the Montauk rips for a good part of the season appears to have moved on, leaving lots of shorts residing in the rips and along the shoreline. Those larger fish are making their way down the South Shore where boatmen are getting in some good innings outside of Fire Island, Jones and Debs inlets, but the fish seem to be hanging out mostly in 40 feet of water or more. Let’s hope some of those fish find their way to the beach before the season winds down. Right now, the best bet remains the North Fork, where a mix of bass, big blues and albies have been holding strong for weeks.
To our north, loads of bass from 16 to 28 inches are spread along the Connecticut and Rhode Island shorelines. I expect we will be seeing some of those fish in the weeks ahead. With all of these small bass around, try to stick to single hook lures or at the very least, the barbs on all of your trebles should be crushed flat. It makes for a quick and easy release, and if you put a hook in your hand, you will really appreciate the benefits of crushed barbs.
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