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FISHING LOGS: New Jersey & Delaware Bay


Posted By J. B. Kasper, November 13, 2017
 It was a tale of hot and cold, and I do mean cold, fishing for sweetwater fishermen this past week. Just about everyone I spoke with said the week started off with good bass and crappie action through out our reporting area. The 70-degree air temperatures and mid 60-degree water temps began to wane by mid week, and gave way to some of the coldest weather on record over the weekend. This sent the largemouth and smallmouth into deeper water and gave them a case of lockjaw. The crappies in most waters, which were fishing shallow, and just about every other fish were stunned by the quick drop in water temps into the low 50s and even the upper 40s in some waters. It remains to be seen just how much of the fishing will rebound as we see some more seasonable water temps this week. It’s a good bet that once the waters become more stable the crappie bite will return, along with perch and panfish, as well as the pickerel fishing in the lower part of the state. Walleye fishing in the lakes where they are present and in the rivers should also rebound. Trout fishing should also serve up some good action in the streams and muskies and northerns should also give anglers some action.
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