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Posted By Toby Lapinski, January 8, 2018
When ice fishing in New England, you just never know what you might catch as evidenced by this striped bass iced by Connecticut angler Aaron Kolodziej last week.

This was a week of extreme opposite for local fishermen. On the one hand, if you enjoy fishing for cod in the winter months then the last few days have not been pleasant. A few boats were able to sail in frigid weather before the big snow storm, but more days were lost in the past week than saw boats leave the dock. Sure the fishing was good, but those anglers who spent some time at the rail paid for it dearly with cold hands and snotscicles on their noses.

On the other hand, if your preferred method of passing the winter months involves drilling holes in frozen water in which to fish through then odds are that you are quite happy with Mother Nature right now. As noted last week, just about everywhere that sees regular ice fishing action in Southern New England from the coast to well inland has fishable hard water, and the fish are feeding! Jigging is producing panfish and trout, while tip-ups are producing bass, pike, walleye and even striped bass!

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- 306 days ago

Sorry 1-9-2018

Michael Laboissoniere II - 306 days ago

Me and Rick Borino my fishing buddy for over 20 years fishing at Stump Pond caught a nice 3.11 LB ice fishing on 192008.

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