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July 6, 2020:
"East and northeast of the Triple Wrecks. The fishing is nuts. The water temperature has been 73 degrees and yellowfin to 60 pounds are hitting the 19- and 36-inch ChatterLures side trackers. Color doesn't matter," reported a cranked-up Kyle at Fishermen's Supply, adding that green stingers are playing a role in the deck thumping. Bluefin to 60 inches are inhaling the OTI 100-gram Jumbo Jig and also the Mustad Moonriser Jig. Lots of "under" bluefin are being taken on the troll. He noted that bigeye action slowed somewhat the past week, but is sure it's a temporary pause. Customers Jeff and Scott Crilly aboard their 31 Bertram Big Nutz Required trolled a blackred ChatterLures and zucchini stinger at 6 knots to entice and boat a monster white marlin estimated at close to 100 pounds.

Previous Reports

  • June 29, 2020 Open or Close

    "Bluefin bite is nuclear from 10 miles to 70 miles. Crazy fishing. One customer, Kyle, went 35 for 36 at the Triple Wrecks. Fish to 40 pounds," enthused Jason the Sensation at Fishermen's Supply Company, adding that the 19-inch ChatterLures side trackers at 5 knots did the damage. "Color didn't matter," he said. The Spencer, Toms and Carteret canyons are being invaded with yellowfin and bigeye, and Sensation has been receiving reports of boat limits of yellowfin - lots of boat limits! These fish are in the 40-pound class, with the eyeballs rolling in at 160 to 200 pounds. The 18-inch side trackers are doing the damage at 5 knots. He wrapped it with "Incredible tilefish in 400 to 600 feet at the southwest corner of the Hudson. Jigs and strip baits. Loads of goldens." The 16-ounce OMT Bottom Bomb really laying the tiles.

  • June 22, 2020 Open or Close

    Giant bluefin, bigeye to 260 pounds and yellowfin to 75 pounds. A hike but definitely worth the ride. And that good water is sliding northward. The fishing should stay hot," enthused a fired-up Jason the Sensation at Fishermen's Supply. A 5-knot pull with spreader bars, daisy chains and Chatter Lures Side Trackers took the bluefin and yellowfin. The bigeye blasts were to the 220-gram green mackerel DTX Minnow moved at 4 to 5 knots.

  • June 15, 2020 Open or Close

    "The inshore tuna bite is a ticking time bomb. Get a 5-degrees water temperature bump and it'll be like you've never seen before," predicted Jason the Sensation at Fishermen's Supply. The 30 Fathom Line to the Triple Wrecks are producing bluefin from 15 to 180 pounds on the 19-inch zucchini and blackpurple ChatterLures Side Trackers pulled at 6 knots. The Nomad DTX Minnow at a 5-knot move is hot in the Hendrickson for bigeye to 220 pounds. "Some true fish," emphasized Jason. He enjoyed epic double-header tilefish action aboard a friend's boat in the southwest corner of the Hudson, with one drift producing limits of goldens to 14 pounds for all aboard.

  • June 8, 2020 Open or Close

    Jimmy at Fishermen's Supply says the Shark River Reef has been rife with bluefin to 30 pounds that are hammering 19-inch ChatterLures side tracker bars pulled at a 6.5-knot speed, adding that color did not make a difference.

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