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November 18, 2019:
Trout and pickerel provided most of the reports coming into the Hook House Bait and Tackle this past week. Dennis told us Toms River continues to produce trout on Trout Magnets and spinners. Pickerel fishing has been good in the back of Trilco on spinners and in the bogs and ponds off Route 70 west of Lakehurst on livelined minnows and spinners. Dennis said me he has no set hours for the store in January and February. He will be in and out, mainly in the morning, and anglers should call the shop to see if he is there before coming to the store.

Previous Reports

  • November 11, 2019 Open or Close

    Anglers fishing the sweetwater along the middle coast are still finding some nice trout in the Toms River TCA, stated Dennis over at Hook House Bait and Tackle. Dennis said spinners and Trout Magnets have been the top fish getters there. In addition he mentioned good pickerel fishing in Horicon Lake, Lebanon Lake, White's Bogs and some of the smaller ponds and bogs off Route 70 on minnows.

  • November 4, 2019 Open or Close

    Trout fishing in the Toms River TCA continues to be one of the top bets for some good fishing, stated Dennis over Hook House Bait and Tackle. While bass fishing was on the quiet side along the mid state coastal area, pickerel fishing to the west off Route 70 was red hot with anglers livelining minnows with good results.

  • October 28, 2019 Open or Close

    We got a couple of reports from Dennis over at Hook House Bait and Tackle. Trout fishermen stopping by the shop reported the best catches coming from the Toms on Trout Magnets and in the South Branch of the Metedeconk on Powerbait. Here too we were told the pickerel are on fire in the cedar waters of the Pines on minnows and swimming plugs. Bass fishing has been picky in Manasquan Reservoir, along with most local lakes, he said.

  • October 21, 2019 Open or Close

    "The best fishing as of this report was the trout fishing in the Manasquan, Metedeconk and Toms rivers," said Dennis over at Hook House Bait and Tackle. While the Toms has been getting the most attention from anglers, Manasquan and Metedeconk have been seeing light pressure but plenty of fish. Dennis told me most lakes in the middle of state have turned over and are seeing spotty bass and crappie fishing mainly on killies. Pickerel fishing in the cedar waters is very good, also on killies, but here too fishing pressure has been light he said.

Hook House

Hook House
2701 State Hwy 37 East
Toms River, NJ 08753
phone: 732-270-3856

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