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  • October 21, 2019 Open or Close

    Before the winds and waves arrived this week the fishing was still pretty good locally according to Jason at Bobby J's in Milford, and when we spoke he had already heard of surf fishermen getting back out and picking up where they left off a few days earlier. Bluefish to about 4 pounds as well as small to medium schoolies bass can be had pretty much everywhere—beaches, rivers, harbors, etc.—as the small bait is holding the tight to shore as has been the case for weeks. Bigger fish, both bass and blues, have been tough to come by, however. Hickory shad started to mix-in with the bass and blues, so hopefully that shot of larger bait will attract some better fish. Porgy fishing slowed way down this week with some keepers being caught but nowhere near the numbers we had been seeing all season. With the opener of blackfish season last week, things started off on a good note and has continued with lots of action and a few keepers being landed by most. Also being caught with the blackfish have been some black sea bass and even a few keepers for the shore guys.

  • October 14, 2019 Open or Close

    I spoke with Anthony on Sunday morning at Bobby J's in Milford and he said there is no shortage of small bass locally with some better fish being landed after dark. You can find schoolies and some blues at Gulf Beach, Silver Sands, Walnut Beach and most spots in-between. There have been some bass poking up the river, but the push of big fish hasn't really happened yet. Anthony noted there have been some good fish landed along the South County beaches over in Rhode Island for those looking to take a drive.

  • October 7, 2019 Open or Close

    Jason was back at it this week and passed along the report for Bobby J's in Milford where he said there are lots of small bluefish locally. The beaches of West Haven, Milford and Stratford all have blues feasting on peanuts with some bass mixed-in. The bass are primarily mid to upper 20-inch class, but Eelers working the night tides have had bass to about 20 pounds. There is a lot of action in the river with large schoolies, but that push of bigger fish is still to be seen. Bottom fishing remains excellent for porgies and kingfish with a lot of fluke (season closed as of October 1) and blackfish (season closed until 1010) being caught as throw-back bycatch. Jason also noted that albies have been tough to come by for much of the week, especially from shore, but urges everyone to keep a rod handy when blackfish season opens this week as they almost always seem to pop up on the tog grounds.

  • September 30, 2019 Open or Close

    The boys were recovering from a great trip to Pulaski where they loaded up on kings in the 20- to 30-pound class when I called, so Mike was back on the phones again and filled me on the happenings around Bobby J's in Milford. Mike started off saying there are "lots" of bluefish to be had in the surf. This is a good sign, in my opinion, as recent years the bluefish has almost become a rare catch for shore-bound anglers. While we have been seeing plenty of snappers, it's the bigger fish in the 5-plus-pound range that were missing, but they're here in good numbers this season! Small bait (peanuts and silversides) continue to hold the blues tight to shore, and if you can find some bigger bait like those candy bar-size or even adult bunker, some bigger bass to the mid 30-inch class can be had. Those same bass are also starting to pop in the Housy, and there is often a good run or two each fall as some bigger bass move in for the winter. Albies remain mostly a boat game, but there have been some rumblings and rumors of a few caught from shore by tight-lipped anglers hoping to keep a lid on things for as long as possible. Last up, with the closure of fluke season on the 30th, porgies remain your best bet for bottom fishing from shore until we see blackfish open on October 10.

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