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Tin Knocker Sportfishing Charters

July 6, 2020:
Yellowfin continue getting knocked around on the Tin Knocker, and Capt. John Pellegrino says trolling ballyhoo at 5.5 knots has been the modus operandi. A recent trip saw four yellowfin between 30 and 50 pounds go in the box. With the canyon action intensifying he's making more offshore trips available on the July calendar.

Previous Reports

  • June 15, 2020 Open or Close

    Capt. John Pellegrino from the Tin Knocker hit the mid-range grounds for bluefin, icing two unders and releasing another. It was a 'hoo troll at 5.5 knots that produced the action.

  • June 8, 2020 Open or Close

    "Six knots knocked the snot," quipped Capt. John Pellegrino from the wheel of the Tin Knocker, describing the what the pull to the 36-inch Side Tracker bars did to a trio of "under" bluefin at the Resor after a morning of boxing a load of sea bass.

  • August 12, 2019 Open or Close

    "They were picky, but we caught a couple," relayed Capt. John from Tin Knocker Sportfishing who was taking a Sunday off. The Saturday charter jigged 250-gram blue and also pink jigs to deck bluefin measuring 46-12 inches and 55-inches around the Atlantic Princess wreck.

  • August 5, 2019 Open or Close

    On Tin Knocker Sportfishing it was a 46-inch and a 54-inch bluefin for the Tuna Zack party while jigging at the Atlantic Princess. Capt. John is planning to hit the canyons heavily during the upcoming weeks.

Tin Knocker Sportfishing Charters

Tin Knocker Sportfishing Charters
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