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Dream Boat Challenge

To all Fisherman subscribers & advertisers, 

I was hoping l wouldn’t have to make this announcement, but the Coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to make drastic changes in the way we go about our daily lives, including how we fish.

After much consideration, we have decided that there’s no way for The Fisherman to conduct the Dream Boat Fishing Challenge under current conditions; certainly not in such a way that maintains the integrity of the contest and also provides subscribers throughout our three editions with a fair and balanced opportunity to participate in 2020.   As a result, The Fisherman’s May 1 commencement of the 2020 Dream Boat Fishing Challenge is officially postponed until further notice.

As you know, the Dream Boat Fishing Challenge is a region-wide competition requiring entries to be weighed at tackle shops and marinas equally disbursed throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. With so many local businesses closed up completely during the crisis or severely limited in their operations, an immediate postponement of the Challenge is in everyone’s best interest at this time.  Unless all states within The Fisherman’s region allow tackle shops and marinas to operate, with reasonable access to marinas, boat ramps, beaches, parks, party boats and charters boats, holding the Challenge as scheduled would simply not be fair to anyone.  

We remain hopeful that community efforts to “flatten the curve” are proving effective, and optimistic that this too shall pass in relative short time.  If future conditions within our communities become suitable for conducting the 2020 Dream Boat Challenge, we will gladly announce a new commencement date for the season.  Suffice to say, the crystal ball is shattered, and it’s simply not possible at this moment to make a reasonable guesstimate as to when and if the Dream Boat Fishing Challenge will launch in 2020.  But we remain positive, and thus a postponement of the May kickoff seems the most encouraging move we can make right now. 

I know many of The Fisherman readers and advertisers were excited to launch a new Dream Boat season, but I ask everyone to please keep the faith, stay healthy and safe, and remain positive that this crisis will hopefully soon pass. 

- Michael Caruso, Owner, The Fisherman Magazine.