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Fishing Knots
When it comes to fishing knots, expert anglers get serious. They realize knots are the weakest link connecting an angler to what may be the fish of a lifetime. Here, we've compiled a collection of the most popular and important knots used in our region. Master these and you'll be ready for any fishing situation.

Alberto's Knot

Alberto Knie is well-known to The Fisherman readers as a hardcore striped bass surf angler, who is also equally at home targeting big blackfish and ... Learn more »

Albright Knot

Created for tarpon fishing back in the 1950s by Jimmy Albright, a well-known Florida Keys guide, the Albright Knot is a good choice to add a ... Learn more »

Blood Knot

The blood knot, sometimes called a barrel knot, is used to join two sections of monofilament or fluorocarbon of similar diameter, such as when adding ... Learn more »

Capt. Tom's Knot

Like the improved clinch knot, Captain Tom's knot can be used for terminal tackle connections such as line to hook, line to lure, or line ... Learn more »

Dropper Loop

Use the dropper loop to attach hooks, tube lures, teasers or sinkers to an otherwise unknotted section of line. This knot forms a versatile loop ... Learn more »

FG Knot

Tying the FG Knot with Capt. Joe Wenegenofsky.... Learn more »

Figure Eight Knot

This simple knot can be tied quickly and used to connect terminal tackle. It is sufficiently strong for fighting panfish and smaller species but may not hold up with large ... Learn more »

Improved Clinch Knot

The improved clinch knot is used for terminal tackle connections such as line to hook, line to lure, or line to barrel swivel. This knot ... Learn more »

Lock Knot

The Lock Knot is a great way to use the tag end to finish off an Albright Knot, Bimini Twist or Reverse Knot for a ... Learn more »

Palomar Knot

Popular and easy to tie, use this knot to secure hooks, swivels, snaps and lures to the end of your line. This knot works especially ... Learn more »

Perfection Loop

Learning to tie the Perfection Loop may seem difficult until you get the hang of it, then you can tie it quickly, even in the ... Learn more »

PR Knot

Tying the PR Knot with Capt. Joe Wenegenofsky... Learn more »

Quick Snell Knot

Snelling a hook assures it will be attached firmly - and perfectly aligned - to the main line. This knot is exceptionally strong and, because it rarely ever slips or fails, ... Learn more »

Stren Knot

This is a great choice for connecting thin diameter braids or slick  "super lines" to varying sizes of monofilament or fluorocarbon. Be sure to wrap the ... Learn more »

Surgeons Knot

The Surgeons Knot is a simple, easy-to-tie knot for joining two monofilament lines of similar diameter and pound-test, such as when joining 12-pound-test line to ... Learn more »

Trilene Knot

The Trilene Knot was developed by Berkley Fishing Tackle after extensive research and testing more than 40 years ago as a stronger alternative to the ... Learn more »


Strong, reliable and uncomplicated, the uni-knot is another good choice for securing terminal tackle to the end of a line. Snug this knot when tying to a ... Learn more »

Uni-To-Uni Knot

When joining two sections of monofilament or gelspun lines, or when adding a mono leader to gelspun, the Uni-to-Uni Knot is a popular choice. The ... Learn more »