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Youth Angler Showcase

Fishing is an amazing way for kids to enjoy the great outdoors and have a fun and rewarding day with family and friends. Capture the excitement of your child on camera while fishing and send their pictures to The Fisherman. Select photos received will be published in The Fisherman Magazine's, Youth Angler Showcase, an editorial gallery column in issues between June 1 and September 30, 2017. As a token of our appreciation, photos featured in the Magazine will be sent a tee shirt and fishing books.

A few easy steps to follow:

  • Send photos and a photo release form to: Youth Angler Showcase, 14 Ramsey Rd, Shirley, NY 11967, or by emailing photo and photo release form to info@thefisherman.com
  • A photo release form must be submitted with all photos. Download the form below, or request a form by emailing info@thefisherman.com
  • Photos of children in a boat must be wearing a life jacket, properly buckled or zipped
  • Photo must be less than one year old
  • One photo per person allowed
  • Youth angler must be 18 years old or under
  • Include the following information with each photo: name, age, address, phone number, and location where the photograph was taken. Also include any details about the fish included in the photo

Not responsible for photos not being published for any reason including poor photo quality, or not being received, or for any other reason.

Download Photo Release Form