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Hot Spot: Sandy Hook Reef

Known as New Jersey’s oldest reef site, the Sandy Hook Reef’s first deposits were taken in 1937, so it’s had…


Hot Spots: The Greenlawns

72 23’ W / 41 04’ N Located along the west side of Shelter Island between Shelter Island Sound and…


Hot Spot: Raritan Bay Stripers

Fishing for springtime striped bass in Raritan Bay will present several different options for the boater. One can traditionally anchor…


Hot Spots: The Gateway

A good spot for spring cod with the potential to pick away at a few fish throughout the season.


Hot Spots: Blydenburgh Lake

According to the DEC website, “Blydenburgh Lake, also known as Stump, New Mill or Weld’s Pond, is located within Blydenburgh…


Hot Spot: The Race

It can be one of the most challenging pieces of water that wraps around the Long Island coast.


Hot Spot: Toms River

For anglers that find the long, Jersey winter dragging along, the Toms River offers the first glimmer of hope to…


Hot Spot: The Dodge Grounds

Another spot off Block Island to find some cod in the spring which also produces bonito in the summer and early fall.

Ambrose Channel

Hot Spot: Ambrose Channel

The fluke that situate themselves in Ambrose throughout the season can range from shorts to monsters of over 15 pounds.


Hot Spot: Sea Girt Reef

One of the finest fishing locales in New Jersey exists as the Sea Girt Reef. At a manageable 3.5 miles…

Breezy Jetty

Hot Spot: Breezy Point Jetty

The structures of the jetty attracts a myriad of baitfish and a host of game and bottom dwelling species through the course of the season, which is beneficial to both surfcasters and boating anglers alike.

google earthl street pier

Hot Spot: L Street Pier

Anytime you mention winter flounder, Shark River is always one of the first spots you think of. There’s probably no…