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Hot Spot: L Street Pier

Anytime you mention winter flounder, Shark River is always one of the first spots you think of. There’s probably no…


Hot Spot: The Triple Wrecks

One would need an updated 2020 Thesaurus to comprehend the descriptions of this summer’s yellowfin tuna fishery at the Triple…

Six Mile Reef

Hotspot Of The Month: Six Mile Reef

Normally when the word “reef” is mentioned in a discussion, the thought of bottom dwellers such as blackfish are the first species to come to mind.


Hot Spot: Little Egg Reef

The third largest spread in the artificial reef lineup at 1.5 square miles (surpassed only by the Atlantic City Reef at 4 square miles and the Cape May Reef


The Coimbra Wreck

With a reputation of exceptional shark and bottom fishing, in recent years the Coimbra Wreck is better known for consistent action with bluefin tuna.

Constructed of heavy gauge steel

Deepwater Reef

Located 23 miles offshore of Great Egg Inlet, the Deepwater Reef is the furthest artificial reef to reach in the New Jersey artificial reef program.

Carnegie LAKE

Carnegie Lake

Electrofishing conducted on Carnegie Lake by the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife came up with the highest largemouth bass catch rate of 2018, according to the Freshwater Fisheries Annual Report. The

Cherry Harbor

Cherry Harbor – Gardiners Bay

Located between the North and South forks along the southwest side of Gardiners Island in Gardiners Bay is Cherry Harbor, where from mid-June through mid-July the area holds hordes of jumbo porgies and a sprinkling of sea bass.

Chart courtesy of Navionics.

Quogue Canal (West End)

Funneled between the confines of Moriches and Shinnecock Bays, the Quogue Canal was once notorious for its exceptional early spring flounder run that began by mid/late February, and usually lasted until mid-April.