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Marine Basics Batteries

Boat Sense: Marine Battery Basics

The one thing all of our fishing boats typically have in common is the reliance on some sort of 12-volt marine power cell to either start up the engine(s), run the electrical system, or both.

2018 4 Basic Trailer Maintenance Boat

Boat Sense: Basic Trailer Maintenance

If you trailer your boat, now’s the time to make those last minute preparations to get your ride squared away for that first trip to the launching ramp.

2017 11 Winterizing Tips Boat

Winterizing Tips

Doing a thorough winterization on your fishing machine will help insure a smooth start-up come springtime.

2017 10 Three Season Sportfishers Boatsense

Three-Season Sportfishers

When the wind shifts to the north, and the sun goes down at 4:30, these boat designs provide the protection you need to keep on fishing.

2018 3 Basic Fiber Glass Repairs Port Bow

Basic Fiberglass Repairs

Knowing how to perform minor repairs to the skin of your vessel can help keep her looking good, while cutting down on repair bills.