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America’s Boating Club Promotes Boat Live 365

America’s Boating Club, the nation’s largest and oldest volunteer recreational boating safety nonprofit, announced today the promotion and enhancement of its wildly successful, comprehensive year-round campaign designed to educate recreational boaters on a variety of safety topics – Boat Live 365.

Boat Live 365 curates a collection of educational resources in collaboration with industry partners to promote the value of boating safety to new and experienced boaters alike. Educational topics include alcohol and drug use, carbon monoxide, life jackets, cold water immersion, propeller strikes and the importance of boating navigation.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard’s latest recreational boating statistics, boating communities are still struggling, reporting 81% of boating deaths due to drowning and 83% of those victims not wearing a life jacket. Plus, 75% of deaths occurred on boats where the operator had no boating safety instruction.

The initiative provides a robust collection of educational materials and resources, free of charge, to all partners, individuals or groups interested in advocating for safe boating. All accumulated resources, including brochures, videos, graphics, lesson planning slides and materials sourced from such organizations as the Coast Guard and the National Weather Service, are available online.

“As boaters head into refit season, brushing up on basic skills and expanding the breadth of your knowledge sets the stage for a great boating season,” said Craig Fraser, Chief Commander, America’s Boating Club. “Our goal with Boat Live 365 has always been to create a movement in the recreational boating world, spurring people to think every day about safer boating practices. Working with our partners and spreading the word to local communities, we can promote a safe-boating culture 365 days a year and help create a safer and more enjoyable experience for everybody.”



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