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ASMFC Striped Bass Coastwide Recreational Emergency Action

On May 2, 2023, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board approved an emergency action to implement a 31-inch maximum size limit for striped bass recreational fisheries (PDF). The emergency action was taken as a result of the 40% increase in recreational removals between 2021 and 2022. ASMFC’s rebuilding plan seeks to rebuild the striped bass stock by 2029 and updated projections show that the probability of rebuilding the stock by 2029 dropped from 97.5% to 15%. The ASMFC Striped Bass Technical Committee describes the decline in probability of reaching the rebuilding target as a result of increased recreational removals, driving increased fishing mortality rates and lowering the rebuilding probability.

DEC continues to work cooperatively with ASMFC to sustainably manage Atlantic striped bass and will implement emergency regulations to address the finding of the ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board to remain in compliance with Fishery Management Plan requirements.

  • Action implementation in New York will not occur until passage of New York State emergency regulations.
  • Once New York State regulations are put into effect, DEC will seek public comment on the proposed regulation once it is finalized.
  • This emergency action does not change the size limit on the Hudson River (north of the George Washington Bridge). The 31-inch maximum size limit applies to all existing recreational fishery regulations where a higher (or no) maximum size applies.

Anglers are encouraged to continue to check DEC’s Recreational Saltwater Fishing Regulations webpage for the current limits in effect.