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Cownose Ray Tracking

Help Stony Brook University Masters student Jessica MacGregor keep track of cownose rays in Long Island Bays. Jessica is working with Brad Peterson and Steve Tettelbach to better understand if/how cownose rays may contribute to the scallop die-offs of the last 2 years. She has developed a survey that can be used to track ray sightings. Here is a link to the survey, which can be opened up in a web browser from a computer or smartphone: If you see a ray or a school of rays, you can mark a GPS point, describe what you saw, and include any pictures you might have taken. Her team is also planning to implant GPS tags into rays in order to track their movement in NY and beyond. If you happen to catch a cownose ray in a pound net (or other net, trap, or line), please give them a call, and they will try to make it to you as soon as possible to tag the ray. They could also plan to meet you if you are pulling a trap net.

Please contact the team with any questions, or if you happen to catch a ray.

Jessica MacGregor: 908-797-9443, [email protected]

Brittney Scannell: 516-417-3323, [email protected]

Steve Tettelbach at [email protected].