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Coxes Ledge – Southern Section

2019 2 Coxes Ledge
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Last month we covered the northern section of Coxes Ledge, and will now take a look at the southern section. The southwest corner is one of the spots that sees the most angler activity on Coxes. In addition to the good cod fishing, it can also be a productive location for shark, tuna and the occasional billfish.

Looking at the southern half of the ledge, let’s start with the southwest corner. Here, look for cod around 41-01-34.6/71-10-25.0, 41-01-16.9/71-10-35.4, and 41-01-42.4/71-10-42.4. Drifting has been the most productive method for us, but if you find a large enough concentration of fish then it can be worth anchoring. Both clams and diamond jigs work here so be sure to bring both types of baits if making the trip. Around 41-01-22.7/71-10-26.5 you’ll find another spot that’s given up cod that you can check out if the above numbers don’t produce.

A little to the northeast an area nicknamed “The Lumber Yard” is located at 41-02-39.3/71-10-02.5 and has seen cod stacked up there on more than one occasion in the past. We don’t have the population of cod that we used to, so don’t expect to find too many cords nowadays. There’s also a lump on the bottom located here at 41-02-42.5/71-09-58.3 that’s worth dropping some clam baits.

A bit to the west you’ll find some mussel beds located at 41-01-52.5/71-11-54.3. It’s well worth anchoring up here and perhaps chumming with the clam shells left over from shucking your bait.

To the northwest is rock pile that is worth giving a look on your way out or your way back in to port. It’s located at 41-02-17.4/71-13-35.3. This spot has been somewhat hit or miss with us in the past, but if the fish are there then you can put some in the box.

Further to the east is also some good ground on the southern edge of the ledge. Look around 41-02-08.7/71-03-45.3. We’ve had good success here in April, but we sometimes get a good summer bite in July and August that will make this spot the place to hit.

All along the southern edge of the ledge and off into 30 fathoms can be productive real estate to find tuna. Many times we’ve shortened a trip to the Dump to fish around Coxes when birds, slicks, whales and breaking fish were all spotted along the way. Lately it seems that July has been the timeframe for this action to kickoff, but as with all pelagic action, it’ll depend on the rest of the Mother Nature’s influencing factors. Keep an eye on the area from 41-02-38/71-11-53 to 40-58-38/70-57-43 if you’re headed that way. Likewise, in the late summer, you can sometimes find mahi-mahi (dolphin) hanging out around the hi-flyers and any floating objects on the backside of Coxes. Having some spinning or trolling gear with you can help to finish off a day of summer cod fishing with some of these tasty green-and-yellow gamesters.

These numbers should give you a good base to start fishing the ledge. It’s a little bit of a ride so it absolutely helps to have at least starting point or two. Time will tell how the proposed offshore wind farms for this area will impact the ledge and its fishing. Keep an eye on the weather and catch ‘em up; remember to only keep what you need!


Coxes Ledge (Southern) – Some Numbers

SW Corner 41-01-16.9 / 71-10-35.4 14426.6 / 43788.2
Cod 41-01-34.6 / 71-10-25.0 14424.6 / 43790.1
Cod 41-01-42.4 / 71-10-42.4 14425.9 / 43791.4
“Lumber Yard” 41-02-39.3 / 71-10-02.5 14418.8 / 43797.4
Lump 41-02-42.5 / 71-09-58.3 14418.2 / 43797.7
Mussel beds 41-01-52.5 / 71-11-54.3 14432.5 / 43794.2
Cod – Eastern Spot 41-02-08.7 / 71-03-45.3 14383.1 / 43785.6
Rock Pile 41-02-17.4 / 71-13-35.3 14441.2 / 43799.4
COD 41-01-22.7 / 71-10-26.5 14425.4 / 43788.7



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