CT Sea Bass Season Temporarily Closed, Reopens July 8th - The Fisherman

CT Sea Bass Season Temporarily Closed, Reopens July 8th

Connecticut fisheries managers decided to extend their creative solutions to the sea bass overharvest through the 2024 season. After NOAA dropped the hammer on a coastwide overharvest in 2022, lawmakers in Connecticut used some Yankee ingenuity to weave a sea bass season through the year without having to drop bag limits or increase minimum size limits. The trick was closing the season for two weeks at the beginning of the summer.

This closure took effect on June 24 and runs through July 7, with the season reopening on July 8. After reopening, the fishery will remain open through November 28. This closure will not affect party and charter boats. The for-hire fleet will be allowed to continue fishing through the recreational closure and, later in the season, they will also enjoy a bump in bag limit to seven fish starting September 1. In addition to the fall bag limit boost, for-hire boats will be allowed to continue fishing for sea bass through December 31.

If you really want to get in on some sea bass fishing in Connecticut waters during the closure, you’ll have to fish aboard a licensed party or charter boat, please consider leafing through our reports section and taking a trip with any of our affiliated captains. As they say, the best way to learn a fishery is to “go with a pro”. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the season reopens on July 8.