Seatuck Environmental Association, Inc., Great Patchogue Lake Fish Passage Planning Project:

$150,000 to design a fish passage to advance connectivity in Patchogue River at Great Patchogue Lake, a Long Island coastal stream in the village of Patchogue. The Great Patchogue Lake Fish Passage Project will produce a shovel-ready design to pursue future construction funding. Since 2006, river herring have been observed below the Patchogue Lake dam. Additionally, over the past several migration seasons, American eel have been documented. This waterway is one of only two dozen remaining streams on Long Island where remnant river herring runs still exist. Improved connectivity at this location will reconnect tidal habitat to the 40-acre Patchogue Lake and provide river herring and American eel access to additional upstream freshwater habitat, including the 26-acre Canaan Lake where fish passage already exists.

Seatuck Environmental Association, Inc. Executive Director, Enrico Nardone said, “The Patchogue River represents one of the best opportunities on the South Shore to dramatically expand access to freshwater habitat for diadromous fish and other wildlife. Completion of this design project will set the stage to reconnect the river at Patchogue Lake, which will produce significant ecological benefits for not only the river, but our entire coastal ecosystem.”

Town of Brookhaven, Restore Aquatic Connection of Terrell River for Diadromous Fish:

$87,500 to design and obtain all permits to resize culverts to improve river flow and install a fish passage to allow diadromous fish to move upstream from Terrell River into Kalers Pond in Center Moriches, Suffolk County. The project will remove three culverts, restoring daylight to the river and promoting ecological connectivity and valuable spawning habitat. An environmental consultant will develop design plans and obtain all necessary permits to develop a shovel-ready project that improves water flow for migratory fish and promotes flood resiliency for a minimum 100-year flood. A nature-based design with resting pools to promote fish migration with native plantings along the banks for erosion control, shade, and habitat will be constructed in a way that allows flood water from extreme weather events to be controlled to flow downriver.

Town of Brookhaven Supervisor Edward Romaine said, “The Town of Brookhaven is proud of our ongoing efforts to promote diadromous fish migration in town waters. Just this year, the Town installed a nature-like fish passage on the Swan River allowing river herring to swim upriver for the first time in over 200 years. We thank the DEC for funding this important project to develop shovel-ready plans to install a nature-like fish passage that promotes aquatic connectivity and reduce flooding on the Terrell River.”