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Gamakatsu Enters The Knife Market

Gamakatsu, the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of fishing hooks and terminal tackle, introduces its new series of Everyday Carry (EDC) Knives. Carrying a pocket knife comes in handy in multiple situations, emergencies, and general cutting chores from day to day for the carrier.

Gamakatsu has developed four different-sized folding knives to suit EDC needs for work and play. All four knives are ready to tackle any task.

The Gamakatsu EDC blades offer durable high-end D2 steel. These knives have a frame lock style handle, a locking mechanism used in one-handed knives. The frame lock closure system makes it possible to open and close the knife with one hand. These knives also feature an assisted opening action/flipper mechanism to make opening easier.

 The significant differences between the knives are the sizes, handle materials and blade style. The GMKT1 features a 3.25-inch Drop Point blade with a plain edge, Stonewash finish, and a Blackwash stainless steel handle. The most carry-friendly Gamakatsu knife is the GMKT2 EDC knife featuring a 2.75-inch Drop Point blade, with a two-toned satin finish and a plain edge. The handle material is stainless steel with an attractive Bluewash finish.

 The two larger bladed EDC knives have an upgraded handle. GMKT3, the largest EDC knife, has a 3.625-inch Stonewash finish blade that is partially serrated. It features a G10 front handle scale and Stonewash steel back handle. The GMKT4 is a 3.5-inch Tanto style, with Black Oxide and a plain edge. It features a G10/Carbon Fiber Overlay and Black Oxide steel handle.