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Give Turtles A ‘Brake’!

Drivers who see a turtle on the road are encouraged to slow down to avoid hitting it with their vehicle. If the vehicle can safely stop and drivers are able to safely do so, motorists should consider moving the turtle to the shoulder on the side of the road in the direction it was facing. Motorists are advised not to pick turtles up by their tails, which could injure the turtle. Most turtles, other than snapping turtles, can be picked up safely by the sides of their shells. Snapping turtles have necks that can reach far back and have a strong bite, and should be picked up by the rear of the shell near the tail using both hands, or dragged safely across the road on a mat or blanket. Never drag turtles by the tail as doing so can dislocate the tail bones.

A licensed wildlife rehabilitator may be able to help if an injured turtle is found.

DEC reminds people not to take turtles home. All native turtles are protected by law and cannot be kept without a DEC permit. Most of the 11 species of land turtles that are native to New York are in decline. Turtles are long-lived species and it takes many years for a turtle to reach maturity. Losing even one mature female can have a negative impact on a local population. Learn more about New York’s native turtles on DEC’s website.



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