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Hi-Mar Striper Club Spring Striped Bass Tournament Results

The Hi-Mar Striper Club Spring Striped Bass Contest was held on June 4 using the same “Catch, Picture and Release” format as was successfully used for the Fall 2021 Hi-Mar Striper Club’s annual 40-Hour Striped Bass Tournament, consistent with the current regulations. The winner of both contests was determined by the combined length of the two largest striped bass.

The winning boat in the June 4th Hi-Mar Spring Bass Contest was Fish Wrangler,captained by Stephen Machalaba, with crew of Tom Devine and Angelo Alfano.  Their winning stripers of 45 inches and 43.5 inches – a combined total of 88.5 inches – were caught trolling Tony Maja Bunker Spoons on Kevin Bogan custom Bunker Spoon Rods

Second place boat was Still Jones’in captained by Eugene Jones with crew of Gary Garamella and Mark Guiliano, with striped bass of 43 and 42.5 inches, a combined total of 85.5 inches.

All tournament winning fish were successfully released.  As a reminder, the Hi-Mar Striper Club has scheduled its 40 Hour Bob Kamienski Striped Bass Tournament from October 21 through October 23.  For details go to hi-mar.com.



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