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How Minn Kota Made The Quest Series Its Toughest Motors Ever

Anglers have a habit of dragging their boats to hell and back. Weedy waters. Rocky points. Over stumps and stickups. Around mangroves and reefs. Why? Because that’s exactly where the fish are.

Well, it’s clear Minn Kota® is taking its cues from actual anglers. The fishing leader launched its QUEST™ Series this year, debuting all-new trolling motors designed to take on the elements above and below the water. Minn Kota billed the new brushless motors as their most rugged yet, and they live up to the hype with a completely reimagined and re-engineered build for the most trusted names in their lineup.

Minn Kota offers Ultrex™ QUESTUlterra® QUEST or Terrova® QUEST for freshwater fishing. In saltwater, anglers can choose between Riptide Instinct™ QUEST or Riptide Terrova QUEST. Dive in to see how Minn Kota built these motors to be their strongest to date.

The Strong and Silent Type 

Minn Kota wanted to give anglers immediate power they can feel – and use. That’s where the brushless design comes into play, giving the motors 50% greater torque (when run on 24 volts, compared to a 24-volt brushed motor at maximum speed setting) to power through whatever stands in their way. When anglers need to push forward, QUEST’s torque delivers instantly, slicing through heavy vegetation, knifing through waves or turning on a dime.

But more power doesn’t mean more noise. Brushless motors don’t rely on friction to generate power, which makes every QUEST motor a quiet operator. On the surface, they steer silently, and beneath it, their props operate without a sound – concealing anglers’ position from fish.

Grit Guaranteed

Anglers who fish in tough conditions want a motor that doesn’t flinch when the going gets rough. That’s why Minn Kota didn’t simply revamp its lower units for the QUEST Series – they re-engineered every single part of the motor. The QUEST Series’ stout build allows every component to handle fishing in the harshest conditions.

Each motor’s shaft is infused with carbon fiber to hold firm against thick weeds, stumps, rocks and waves in open water. For a stronger hold in saltwater, Riptide Instinct QUEST and Riptide Terrova QUEST are available with shafts up to 100 inches long. All QUEST motors have sturdier steering housings, depth collars, mounts, brackets, pivot points and bushings to absorb the increased torque while a tighter build maintains quiet operation.

Smooth Operator

When it’s time to fish, anglers can easily deploy QUEST motors. Ulterra QUEST and Riptide Instinct QUEST feature automatic push-button stow and deploy. Ultrex QUEST provides a lift-assist system with a stainless steel, nitrogen gas-charged spring, which cuts the weight an angler lifts during stow and deploy in half. Terrova QUEST and Riptide Terrova QUEST have fall-away ramps to help slide the motors into the water.

The motors also offer customizable stowed prop orientation and Auto Park, turning the lower unit perpendicular to the mount and preventing damage. That means anglers no longer need to use the pedal to find the proper motor position before stowing. The orientation position can be customized with the motors’ included remote or through the free One-Boat Network® App from Minn Kota and Humminbird.

Dawn-to-Dusk Power

The QUEST Series gives anglers the ability to fish competitively all day long. The brushless motors provide 30% longer runtime on a single charge and use power more efficiently, ensuring constant power delivery without a drop in performance even as battery voltage decreases over the course of the day.

Anglers who connect a Humminbird fish finder to any QUEST motor gain access to real-time battery monitoring. The screen shows anglers how much time they have left on the water, and if battery life dips to 20%, a prompt to use the new ECO Mode appears. The power-saving option turns off non-essential functions, giving anglers even more time to keep fishing.

New Features, Old Favorites 

Minn Kota may have created an all-new lineup, but they didn’t abandon the formula that made their motors sought after by anglers everywhere. QUEST is all about elite boat control.

  • All QUEST motors feature Spot-Lock® and more advanced GPS navigation maneuvers – like the new Drift and Dodge modes.
  • Every QUEST motor offers access to controls around the boat. Ultrex QUEST has a robust foot pedal with a new One-Boat Network customizable button. Meanwhile, Ulterra QUEST, Terrova QUEST, Riptide Instinct QUEST and Riptide Terrova QUEST come with a new lightweight, non-slip grip remote featuring a 2.1″ LCD screen and instant access to essential controls.
  • Humminbird products work seamlessly with the QUEST Series. Anglers can connect their motor and fish finder through the One-Boat Network, and all necessary adapters required for networking are included in the box. All freshwater motors come with built-in, class-leading Humminbird transducers – select models offer 3D sonar (MEGA Side Imaging® and MEGA Down Imaging®) while all models include 2D sonar (Dual Spectrum CHIRP).

After just months on the market, the QUEST Series is proving it delivers power and precision for the toughest fishing conditions. See all the specs and why pros are raving about it on Minn Kota’s website.