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Keeping Boaters Safe On Long Island’s Peconic River

As more and more people are getting outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic, DEC Operations staff have been working tirelessly to maintain DEC sites for everyone to enjoy. In particular, Region 1 (Long Island) staff recently completed the installation of a railing at the top of the Edwards Avenue Dam, an access site that provides fishing and boating access on the Peconic River. In 2016 the site was upgraded with the following improvements:

Concrete dam replaced with sheet pile spillway structure; Installation of fish/eel ladder to allow movement over the impoundment; Installation of canoe/kayak slide for paddlers to access the river above and below the dam.

The new rail will provide more security for boaters as they approach the dam, exit the water, and continue downstream. It’s “safe” to say, this site is officially done.

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