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Learn About Massachusetts’ New Licensing System

With the increase in license fees handed down by Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW), has come a new website with a new registration process and new requirements. You can check out the new site at massfishhunt.mass.gov.

The process of obtaining your license will not be that much different than before but there are new features that will come in handy for the avid angler. One of the best new features is the ‘auto-renew’ function which will ensure that the coverage of your license will never lapse. The new site borrows some technology from other ecommerce sites like EBay with it’s new ‘buy it again’ feature that saves favorite products for quick checkout. They have also upgraded the login with email and password protection to ensure that your account stays secure—they have also enhanced the mobile experience, making it easier to access your account from anywhere. In addition to these improvements, DFW plans to add linked accounts for families and registration options for outdoor skills classes in the near future, keep your eye on the site for more on that.

One big change is that you will now be required to have an email address if you plan to purchase a license online. Their website says, “using an email and password is an important component in a secure system that keeps your information safe”. If you have purchased a license in Massachusetts before you will be prompted to claim your account where you will be able to add an email and password. If you do not have an email address, you will have to purchase your license in person.

As of December 1, customers will have the option to turn on the ‘auto-renew function’ for certain licenses, permits, and stamps. This authorizes MassFishHunt to automatically charge the credit card on file prior to expiration. This convenient, voluntary option was designed to protect anglers and hunters from lapses in licensing during transitions to new license years. Customers can select which products they want to auto-renew and they can deselect items or cancel auto-renew at any time. After logging in, select “auto-renewals” from the “My Account” menu to change your preferences. Customers will receive automated reminder emails well in advance of their card being charged, as well as a confirmation email with their new licenses and permits once their auto-renewal is complete. Certain items that require proof of eligibility or annual applications are not available for auto-renewal.

For help using the new MassFishHunt system, please call customer service at (844) 595-2930 (open 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. daily).