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Montauk Surfmasters 2021 Spring Shootout

Multiple options are available for entering your C&R fish into the SurfMasters tournament to accommodate the different types of fishing possible when fishing the Montauk surf. Options are included for solo anglers, far rock swimmers and even for high tech anglers that are more comfortable with a video. The intent is to keep things simple with the knowledge that participants are not cheats and take pride in the quality of their catch as they strive for their personal best.

The tournament has always used weight to calculate a fish. If you don’t want to weigh it, then provide accurate measurements of length and girth next to our official tournament image and the committee will estimate the fish’s weight at their sole discretion. The preference is that fish are to be weighed on your scale to avoid discrepancies. If you don’t have a scale, one will be provided for the season. Don’t have a camera or video opportunity? A buddy system exists for you to verify your catch.

The tournament kicks off on Friday, May 21st and runs through Sunday, July 11th.  The entry fee is $100 for all adults, free for those under the age of 18. You can register and pay online at or drop it off at Paulie’s Tackle in Montauk.

In addition to the winner’s pot, great tackle prizes are lined up from the sponsors, including a beautiful 4171 custom surf bag donated by Nick Bochinno.