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Mud Hole Brings Rod Building To Students

With students across the country returning to school this fall, Mud Hole Custom Tackle is stepping up in its efforts to bring custom fishing rod building and tackle crafting to the youth of America. As the industry’s number one supplier of tools, supplies, components, and education content, Mud Hole is uniquely positioned to engage kids and create an educational experience through rod building.

“We’ve been working closely with teachers and school organizations throughout the United States for over a decade, teaching students valuable life skills, and in many cases, providing an avenue to earn required academic credits in their science and agriculture programs,” said Brook Oliva, Vice President of Operations at Mud Hole. “Rod building is the core of our business, and we are always excited to bring this craft to kids. Whether they pursue rod building as a pathway to a career in the hunting and fishing industry, or if they simply gain a lifelong passion, Mud Hole is happy to play a small part in their development.”

Mud Hole works very closely with educators as well as youth groups and clubs, including Boy Scouts of America and 4-H, to provide discounted pricing for all the equipment and supplies needed to bring rod building and tackle crafting to the classroom. Mud Hole also provides personal online instruction to the teachers, sharing the skills needed to transfer rod building expertise to their students. Since its inception over 13 years ago, the Mud Hole Education Program has reached more than 650 institutions and over 30,000 students across America and in Canada and Australia, with hands on activities that promote classroom engagement.

“It’s an honor for me to work directly with the teachers who bring this important skillset to students across the country,” said Anthony Youmans, Mud Hole’s Education Program Director. “I lead online rod building workshops each month dedicated to teachers, and I attend state-level teacher conventions throughout the year. We have even set up a Mud Hole Education Program Facebook group as a platform for educators to share their experiences and techniques with each other.  It’s an amazing community, and I am so proud to support it.”

In 2021, Mud Hole has stepped up efforts to reach new students with new classroom-focused education kits and enhanced price discounts, and by adding new online resources to assist teachers through their curriculum — all with the goal of supporting education.

For more information about Mud Hole’s Education Program, contact Anthony Youmans directly at 866-790-7637, ext. 135.