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New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council Meets Nov. 2 In Galloway

The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council will meet at 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 2 at the Galloway Twp. Branch of the Atlantic Co. Library, 306 East Jimmie Leeds Rd. in Galloway at 5 p.m.

The Marine Fisheries Council is one of several councils and committees involved in managing fish and wildlife resources the Garden State. This council advises the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on various issues and management programs related to marine fishery resources.

The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council should consist of 11 members who represent recreational and commercial fishermen, fish processors, the general public and the Atlantic Coast and Delaware Bay sections of the Shellfisheries Council; for the past 3 years however, one “general public” seat and a “recreational” seat have been left vacant by DEP and the Murphy Administration.

Joe Cimino, Marine Fisheries Administrator for the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife addresses a sparsely attended meeting of the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council on September 7, 2023.

The Marine Fisheries Council is unique in state government in that it can veto marine fishery regulations proposed by the DEP Commissioner. Along with shared authority, the volunteer members of the council also contribute to the preparation and revision of fishery management plans, holds public hearings on marine fishery issues, convenes species-related citizen panels as appropriate, and advises the commissioner on departmental policies and planning related to marine resources.

The Marine Fisheries Council assembles Council Advisory Committees to discuss issues for a particular species, group of species, gear type, or other fishery management topic. These committees consist of three to five council members and several citizen advisors who help advise the Marine Fisheries Council on the assessments and specifications contained in each fishery within the state, current trends and developments in fishery matters, the effect of such fishery management plans on local economies and social structures, potential conflicts between user groups of a given fishery resource, and enforcement problems peculiar to each fishery.

For more information about the November 2 meeting contact the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife’s Port Republic office at 609-748-2020.