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NOAA Fisheries Seeking HMS Advisors

NOAA Fisheries is requesting nominations for the Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Advisory Panel (AP).  The federal fisheries agency is actively seeking nominations to fill 10 of the seats on the HMS AP for 3-year appointments.  The deadline is November 30.

NOAA Fisheries consults with and considers the comments and views of the HMS AP when preparing and implementing fishery management plans or amendments for Atlantic tunas, swordfish, billfish, and sharks.

In terms of qualified candidates, NOAA Fisheries is seeking individuals with experience in HMS fisheries (commercial or recreational), experience in fishery-related industries like marinas or bait and tackle shops, or members of either the scientific community working with HMS or private, non-governmental organizations like the environmental community.

To ensure the HMS AP continues to reflect an appropriate and equitable balance and mix of interests, NOAA Fisheries is specifically seeking to fill the following sector vacancies:

  • Three commercial.
  • Five recreational.
  • Two environmental.

Individuals with definable interests in recreational and commercial fishing and related industries, environmental community, academia, and non-governmental organizations will be considered for membership on the HMS AP.  NOAA Fisheries is inviting nominations from all individuals and constituent groups, which can be emailed to [email protected].