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Nominations For 2021-2022 ICCAT Advisory Committee

NOAA Fisheries is seeking nominations for members of the 2021-2022 Advisory Committee to the U.S. Section to ICCAT, and for Technical Advisors to the Committee’s species working groups.

Nominations, including a letter of interest and a resume or CV, should be sent by Friday, October 16, to Rachel O’Malley (rachel.o’ and Bryan Keller (, both copied on the message. NOAA Fisheries asks that you also include in the subject line whether your nomination is for an Advisory Committee member or for a Technical Advisor to a species working group. Nominees may also indicate which of the species working groups is preferred, though placement is not guaranteed.

All currently appointed Committee members’ and Technical Advisors’ terms expire on December 31, 2020, and these individuals must be re-nominated to be considered for another term. Fishery Management Council and state representatives do not need to submit a nomination.