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Okuma Rockaway Surf Reel


It has been said many times that casting distance in the surf is overrated, until it is not. This means that casting distance is not something that makes or breaks every outing, but when you see fish blitzing just outside of your casting range, while your neighbor keeps hooking up, then you quickly realize its value. Okuma has been slowly becoming a staple in the long-cast spinning surf fishing world, and the new Rockaway Surf Reel is the lightest amongst the family of reels. But it’s more than just a lightweight reel, the Rockaway is a compact-bodied long-stroke surf reel that features a graphite body, rotor and side plates giving you a truly corrosion resistant reel for the harsh surf environment. The long cast two-tone anodized aluminum spool is built to hold your braided or monofilament lines tight and secure, while its maximum output of 26 pounds of drag has the stopping power you need to best even the strongest of gamefish.

“The new Rockaway surf reel will complement the Rockaway surf rods perfectly,” stated John Bretza, Product Development manager. “These were built with the existing line in mind with the goal of creating the lightest surf casting reel in our lineup.”

Coming in at a mere 17 ounces, the graphite Cyclonic Flow Rotor (CFR) technology sweeps water away from the internal workings of the spool keeping you on the water longer. With five total stainless steel ball bearings and a quick-set anti-reverse, you will have no problem landing that giant striped bass or bluefish once you reach them with your cast. The 5.3:1 gear ratio brings in 40.9 inches of line per turn, a key benefit when fishing a spot like the Cape Cod Canal where you need to quickly retrieve your lure to make that next precise cast. The Rockaway Surf Reel is built on a 6000-size reel platform and the spool will hold roughly 375 yards of 12-pound mono or 50-pound braid. All of this will only set you back a mere $89.95, check them out at your nearest Okuma authorized dealer.



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