Out Of Sight, Not Out Of Mind For K9 Cramer - The Fisherman

Out Of Sight, Not Out Of Mind For K9 Cramer

While patrolling Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve, ECO DeRose observed a fishing party from a distance. Officer DeRose and his partner K9 Cramer moved to search the area before approaching three anglers. The men claimed they only caught porgy and turned over their cooler for the Officer to search. ECO DeRose, suspecting there was more to the story, deployed K9 Cramer to take a closer look. K9 Cramer showed a lot of interest in an area thick with vegetation. Officer DeRose discovered three undersized striped bass in a black plastic bag, partially buried in the sand under the vegetation. The ECO escorted the three fishermen from the beach and issued eight tickets for violations including possessing undersized striped bass and taking striped bass unlawfully using J-hooks, which make it easier to catch fish.