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Rafael Sowi fished with Black Bottom Fishing Charters in Seaford running out of Jones Inlet for a personal best 8.78-pound tog which fell for a green crab. He said “I took the shell off, knowing tog usually prefer soft baits in the spring.” He subdued the fish with light spinning tackle.
Joe Masseria from South Shore Marine fished on the No Merci out of the Jones Inlet area and nailed this double-digit tog while fishing an ocean reef.
Owen Quilty shows off his first fish (northern puffer) while fishing with his dad Brian and Poppy on Poppy’s boat. He let the fish go right after a quick picture.
Paul Buckley holds up a brace of blackfish (5 and 7 pounds) that he caught out of Port Jefferson before the season wrapped up.
Thomas Hippner tangled with some blues on a sand beach on the mid-South Shore back on May 2nd. He used a chartreuse bucktail with a matching paddletail to get the strike.
“Some fishermen were chunking but had no bites, as for me within 30 minutes of live lining, the striper exploded out of the water and took off like it was the last bunker on earth,” said ‘Stingray’ who was fishing the Jamaica Bay surf during the last week of April. His persistence got him this slot fish.



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