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Product Profile: Band Of Anglers – Ocean Born

Ocean Born Flying Popper
Ocean Born Flying Popper
Ocean Born Flying Pencil
Ocean Born Flying Pencil

Band of Anglers is an innovative company led by world famous angler and lure designer Patrick Sebile, and staffed by an impressive crew of passionate anglers. Patrick’s angling and designing accomplishments are too numerous to list here but it is worth the time to google his name. I’m sure you will be impressed. More importantly, he has taken that same passion that led to those many accomplishments and channeled it into the Band of Anglers’ product line.

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic anglers who pursue striped bass, bluefish, tuna, mahi and any other gamefish with a weakness for plugs need to check out his Ocean Born line of lures specifically designed to survive tough battles with ocean going gamefish. The Flying Popper with its unique ribbed underbelly can be popped, can be fished with a walk the dog retrieve, or you can swim it like a metal lip. The ribbed underbelly will also leave a fish attracting trail of bubbles in its wake. The Flying Popper measures 5-1/2 inches and is available in three variations – 2-ounce Floating, 2-3/4-ounce Sinking and a Super Long Distance that weighs in at 4 ounces and has already proven itself on the tuna grounds. The two lighter models should fit the needs of those casting from boat or beach for stripers and blues.

Pencil poppers have become increasingly popular with the surf crowd over the last decade, although savvy casters have sworn by them for over half a century. Ocean Born’s Flying Pencil tapes out at 6-1/3 inches and is also available in three weights – a 2-1/2 ounce Floater, 3-ounce Sinking and a Super Long Distance 4-1/2-ounce model that comes fitted with 6X strong trebles. The 2-1/2- and 3-ounce models are dressed with 4X trebles. There is also a Flying Pencil Special that is fitted with a single tail hook instead of a pair of trebles – the perfect tool to beat up on big bluefish.

Prices range from $17 to $22. For those who like to tinker with plugs, the Flying Pencil is available in a 25 pack with no hooks or split rings and a clear finish for around $250. For the complete story behind Band of Anglers and their entire product line, go to



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