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Product Review: Tsunami SaltX II Surf Rods

If you’re on the hunt for a new summer surf rod for bucktailing fluke or tossing metals at albies, bonito or Spanish mackerel, be sure to check out the new SaltX II Surf Rod series at your local tackle shop.

Truth be told, I have a couple of SaltX rods in my surf arsenal already, that I use primarily for striper fishing in the fall taping out at 8-1/2 and 9-1/2 feet, both are two-piece, medium sticks that have served me well over the past couple of season.  The new SaltX II Surf Rods come in four lengths, ranging from 7-foot, 7-inch on up to 10-foot, 7-inch, with the “7-7” a one-piece medium model rated 3/8 to 2 ounces ($299.99), that’s ideal for comfortable, late-summer fishing along the sandy beaches of the Northeast.

Tsunami builds out these rods with a proprietary 30-ton tensile, HALO Carbon Fiber with 100% nano-carbon scrim in tip-to-butt configuration delivers light, strong, super resilient blank construction.  I’m neither a technologist nor a rod builder, but the reduced blank diameter is clear when I hold the original Tsunami SaltX series with new SaltX II; it’s a much lighter rod, but retains the lifting power and overall durability of the original (which will remain a ‘go to’ rod of mine when the fall run begins).

All of the two-piece models (8’7”, 9’7” and 10’7” priced from $349, $374 and $399 respectively) feature tip-into-butt ferrule design in a 70/30 split which provides increased joint stability and strength and a one-piece feel.  Tsunami performance-tuned the action on each of the new SaltX II models to deliver easier loading and improved energy transfer to each cast, for extra distance with reduced effort.  While I didn’t sample the two-piece models, I can tell you that the 7-foot, 7-inch one-piece rod is perfect for hours of summer bucktailing or slinging jigs along your favorite sandy stretch. And my experience with the 70/30 ferrule design in the SaltX series has been fantastic.

Model Length (pieces) Action Braid Lure Weight
TSSTXIISS771M 7’7” (1) M 30lb 3/8 to 2 oz
TSSTXIISS872M 8’7” (2) M 40lb 1/2 to 2-1/2 oz
TSSTXIISS972MH 9’7” (2) M/H 40lb 3/4 to 3-1/2 oz
TSSTXIISS1072MH 10’7” (2) M/H 50lb 3/4 to 3-1/2 oz

Casting distance has been enhanced by way of Fuji Titanium, K framed, Slim SiC ring, 1-foot and 2-foot lightweight guides for optimal flow with braid.  The lighter guides, especially toward the rod tip reduces weight to improve balance and recovery as well as improved casting dampening and increases sensitivity.  Ergonomic grips are overlaid with textured shrink rubber for added comfort and better grip, while the Fuji TVS 17 reel seat accommodates all reel foot sizes with less bulk and weight.  Guide wraps are coated with tough epoxy, with the rod then coated with a non-glare protective topcoat.

I know many folks who are always seeking out a one-piece surf rod; model number TSSTXII771M comes in at a little over 7-1/2 feet in length might be right up your alley when throwing around the lighter stuff this season.  Give that new Tsunami SALTX II a look next time you’re at your favorite Tsunami retailer.



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