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Product Spotlight: Addaya Rod Sling

ADDAYAMost hardcore surfcasters know that when you fish bait on the bottom you’re going to miss fish if you spike your rod. Big striped bass are known to be cautious of cut bait lying on the bottom, sometimes just barely ‘mouthing’ your bait and then rejecting it when they feel the hook, leader or resistance from the weight. Ask anyone that consistently catches big fish on chunk bait and they will tell you that you never, ever, spike your rod.

The issue with this is that it can start to feel a bit cumbersome after an hour without a hit. If you’ve done it then you know, you start shifting around trying to find comfortable ways to hold the rod which usually ends with the rod butt jammed into your hip or thigh while you stand there like Captain Morgan waiting for a thump. And then even that begins to feel uncomfortable and you start thinking about the plug bag you left back in the truck and measuring the benefits of walking back.

The minds at Addaya Outdoors teamed up with well-known surfcaster Steve Petri to solve that problem. Their solution is the simple, yet ingenious, Addaya Surfcasting Rod Sling. The sling is an adjustable length of polyester strap, similar to what you might find on your plug bag. This is looped around your surf belt and can be adjusted to your preferred length. On the bottom end of the sling is a durable pouch, sized to accommodate the butt of just about any surf rod. The result is a whole new level of support for bait fishing, there’s no more irritation where you rest the rod, there’s no more muscle aches from the compensation of standing there trying to awkwardly support a 10-foot surf stick. The sling carries the weight and your belt does the job of supporting it. Best of all, the pouch releases the rod butt with ease, giving you full freedom to react to bites and to set the hook. If you fish chunk bait from the beach, you’re going to want one of these and maybe a spare to keep in the glove box as well. With the Addaya Surfcasting Rod Sling you’ll feel every bite and miss far fewer fish.

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