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Product Spotlight: Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Hook Rigs

The new circle hook regulation when fishing natural baits for striped bass has led many anglers back to the pegboards in their local shops looking to gear up.  As an American company founded in 1925, the folks at Eagle Claw have been ramping up their design and manufacturing end out in Colorado to accommodate the demand, launching their Lazer Sharp Striped Bass Inline Circle Rigs (model #L926-C) in time for the spring run.


Tied with 50-pound mono with a barrel at one end and either a size 6/0 and 8/0 inline circle in platinum black at the other, these are 100% regulation approved Lazer Sharp rigs that are ideal for live eels or bite-sized pieces of bunker.  Comes with three leadered rigs in a package at a retail price of $4.29


Later this season Eagle Claw plans to release a few more rigs dedicated to striped bass fishermen, including the Inline Circle Fishfinder Rigs (model #L9502) which will also contain the plastic fish-finder sleeves needed to allow those stripers to turn and burn after inhaling your chunk or livey.  At the annual ICAST tackle event in Florida in July, Eagle Claw will also announce the reintroduction of baitholder style Lazer Sharp circle hooks (model #9212 and #9214) with barbs along the shank to hold worms, clams and other soft baits in place.


Wherever you may stand on the new “gear restrictions” on saltwater anglers, studies have shown as high as 48% mortality rate on released fish that are hooked deep, whereas as inline circle hooks are proven to decrease striped bass mortality rate by hooking the fish in the corner of the mouth most of the time.


For new converts, the spring run has been all about trial and tribulation; over the coming months Eagle Claw should help success rates along the Atlantic Coast when it comes to hooking up with and safely releasing those cows.  Look for the Lazer Sharp Striped Bass Inline Circle Rigs in shops now; retailers can contact their Eagle Claw reps to place orders now on the other new launches coming later this season.


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