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Product Spotlight: Gen 2 Variable Speed Rod Dryer


As a rod builder who uses a power wrapper and wants to make sure I have a meticulous finished product after doing epoxy work, a quality variable speed rod dryer helps me get the desired results I want to see every time.

Part of rod building is control and using the Gen 2 Variable Speed Rod Dryer from Mud Hole gives me that. Sometimes a faster rotation speed is needed to make sure epoxy does not drip off the wraps. Other times when a thicker finish or epoxy is used a slow rotation is the formula. Standard dryers usually offer only one speed which makes it impossible to make the proper adjustment for the consistency of the epoxy. This 110v dryer can spin anywhere as low as 15 RPM all the way up to 45 RPM making it the perfect tool for fine-tuned adjustments.

Aside from just the varied speeds this dryer offers, the internal gearing has been upgraded in the Gen 2 model which will provide years of hassle-free use along with a much quieter motor. For those of you that have used rod dryers before, you know the whining noise I’m talking about and what listening to that for hours can make you feel.

The wire chuck also included on this dryer is already a known favorite among rod builders. It will hold any diameter butt rod securely so it won’t come loose for any duration of spinning and you don’t have to worry about the rod falling off the dryer accidentally potentially ruining a coat of epoxy, making a mess and wasting your time.

The other nice little finishing touch with this product is the proper labeling on the side of the motor where the adjustment dial is. It’s easy to read and will allow you to know what RPM the rod is spinning at which leads to consistency down the line when you’re setting up to dry another finished rod.

It’s nice to see a product that’s designed by rod builders, for rod builders. It makes the processes of rod building much easier and the finished product is top of the line. The Gen 2 Variable Speed Rod Dryer retails for $119.95.



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