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Product Spotlight: Newport Vessels Electric Kayak Motor

Used to be that kayak anglers had to either paddle or peddle (if your kayak had a pedal drive system) to their favorite fishing area. Now there’s a third option that was designed just for kayakers to make things easier, especially if the wind picks up, or if you are in the wrong place at the wrong tide/current flow and a long way from the launching ramp. California-based Newport Vessels has recently introduced a very affordable electric motor option for “Yakers” of all shapes and sizes with their Kayak Trolling Motor that is offered in two thrust packages; 36 and 55 pounds. The 36-pound motor is recommended for kayaks measuring 8 to 12 feet in length; the larger 55-pound model is designed for ‘yaks from 12 to 16 feet long. Each motor should be able to hit 3 to 4 mph when loaded with a 200-pound angler and some gear. This is the first kayak specific motor on the market to offer good performance in a reliable, well produced package, at an affordable price, with each available for under $200 online.

It’s no secret that fishing from a kayak allows you to get in close to the action without scaring away wary skinny water hunters like stripers, fluke, weakfish and other shallow water fish. Fighting water currents and navigating the wakes and chop of bigger boats can be extremely time-consuming and energy-draining. Utilizing a trolling motor allows kayakers to quickly access their favorite fishing spot, so they can spend the day fishing and not paddling. The ultra-quiet operation of the Newport Vessels Kayak Series trolling motors ensure a stealthy approach, placing you right on top of fish that bigger boats can only dream of finding.


The Kayak Series trolling motors build on the tried and true design of the more sophisticated NV Series trolling motors, featuring a height-adjustable 24-inch shaft for correct depth placement. The Kayak Series electric motors use a brush design, vs the more expensive direct drive found on the NV, which lowers the price point and makes them affordable for most anglers. Extra-long cables provide for flexible battery placement, ensuring compatibility with all transom mount kayaks, canoes and paddle boats. Five forward speeds and three reverse speeds allow for a smooth and efficient ride. The five LED light battery indicator shows the current charge of the battery, allowing the user to estimate the remaining runtime. The 36-pound thrust model is equipped with a two-blade prop, whereas the stronger 55-pound thrust model spins a three-blade plastic prop. The kayak trolling motor is powered by one 12-volt deep cycle or marine battery (not included). Each motor is backed by a 2-year warranty and they are designed to be used with Lead-Acid style Deep Cycle or Marine batteries (Flooded, SLA, AGM or Gel).

Some of the accessories that you will need to take full advantage of the Newport Vessels Kayak Trolling Motor include:

The Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box Power Station is a perfect solution for protecting your battery while providing quick and clean access to hook up your trolling motor’s power cables to the smart box’s terminals. This box is also a fully functioning power and charging station. With the USB and a 12V DC Power Outlet, you can easily charge your most important devices while out on the water.

The Railblaza Kayak Transom Kit is one of the most universally compatible kayak motor mounts available. It features a quick-clip on, clip-off release system, so you don’t have to waste time taking it off, when you should be on the water! This kit is the easiest and fastest way to mount your Newport Vessels Kayak Series motor on your kayak.

12-Volt Deep Cycle Marine Battery and Battery Charger- You will need a power source to make this electric kayak motor work and a basic 24 or 27-series deep-cycle or dual-purpose marine battery will do the job. Looking at the Interstate product specs for their popular SRM-27 series flooded lead/acid battery, this offers a reserve capacity of 160 minutes at 25-amps, which translates to an 88-amp capacity. According to Newport Vessels, the 36-pound motor draws 29 amps at full throttle and the 55-pound electric draws 52 amps. If you have a judicious hand on the gain switch, you can tweak a few hours of run time or more, depending on load and water conditions. Any automotive battery charger should work to restore the juice to your 12-volt power cell.

If you are a serious Yaker, this could be just the ticket to take your fishing to the next level. For more information, visit