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Product Spotlight: Sea Falcon Z-Slow Pitch Jig

The Sea Falcon brand has been a part of the Japanese sportfishing culture for over 30 years, with each Sea Falcon jig and plug based on a hand-carved original created by CEO and Chief Designer Tetsuya Itou, one of Japan’s foremost lure designers. Based in Hamamatsu, Japan, Sea Falcon products are planned, designed, developed and manufactured in the same facility with high quality standards that have been put to the test on various species across the globe.

Now part of the U.S. market, Northeast anglers can take advantage of a jigging weapon that fishermen on the other side of the world have enjoyed for decades.  The newest entry along the Atlantic Coast is the Z-Slow jig from Sea Falcon, designed for slow pitch jigging.  Z-Slow pitch jigs are center-weighted to produce an enticing flutter when the jig is falling, while making them super responsive with each slight of the handle on the retrieve.


Sea Falcon’s Z-Slow jigs are available in a wide variety of colors (Sand Lance pictured) and enhanced with aluminum or holographic applications. Hook eyes are all part of the same one-piece wireframe to ensure superior strength, and Sea Falcon says their rugged hand-painted finish will stand up to repeated attacks on the grounds this season.  Each Sea Falcon jig is put through an arduous production process that includes molding, polishing, undercoating, coloring, layers, deburring, and packaging.

Available in a wide range of sizes from 45 to 400 grams, you can add a Sea Falcon Z-Slow jig to your inshore sea bass arsenal or when headed offshore for the tuna grounds.  Of course, getting these Japanese classics to the U.S. market took some effort; give credit to an exclusive arrangement with SPRO and Gamakatsu, whose hooks have been specifically designed to complement Sea Falcon lures and plugs.

Whether you’re looking to create a slow pitch armory or building upon your current slow pitch weaponry, check with your local tackle shop on the availability of Sea Falcon Z-Slow jigs.  Or, see the full product line at



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