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Product Spotlight: Yamaha Harmo Electric Outboard

HARMO_PobThe world is changing, and as more manufacturers become aware of the need to plan for a sustainable future, the louder the call for all forms of transportation to go electric. That is every bit as true in boating as it is in the automobile industry and Yamaha has drawn a line in the sand with the introduction of their HARMO complete electric boat control system.

The HARMO system is the latest product to emerge from Yamaha’s CommandBlue advanced engineering and design philosophy. It drives the design and development of new, connected technologies and technology-based products from the consumer’s perspective, specifically to simplify boating and instill deep feelings of confidence, satisfaction, and excitement while on the water.

As you may have guessed the name ‘HARMO’ is derived from the word harmony as a nod to the harmony between your boat and its propulsion system. But as a step in the right direction for boaters and anglers who want to reduce their carbon footprint and make a lower impact on the aquatic environment, the harmony could also be seen as the improvement in the relationship between the boater or angler and the water they enjoy.

The HARMO system combines advanced propulsion technology, environmental awareness, future vision and proven joystick control to provide high thrust and maneuverability. The joystick integration makes it attractive to the gaming generation, but also allows for new levels of handling and control. Something else that’s cool about this system from Yamaha is that it utilizes a rim-drive electric motor, coupled with a large impeller which packs an impressive amount of horsepower into a relatively small package. The 48-volt power supply, 3.7-kilowatt motor and specially encased impeller provide an incredible 225 pounds of static thrust – the equivalent of a 9.9-horsepower gas motor. Run times will vary depending on vessel size, battery type and other parameters.

“HARMO is the perfect system for horsepower or internal-combustion restricted waterways,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine U.S. Business Unit. “Ultimately, it is up to our boat builder customers to decide how to integrate it into their boats, and we are eager to see the result.”

The main goal of the HARMO system and Yamaha’s CommandBlue initiative is to take marine power into the next generation by using clean energy to produce quiet and environmentally-friendly products for the modern boater. HARMO is currently available through boat builders, only in European markets. U.S. availability is expected within 18 months.

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