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Product Spotlight: Z-Man DoormatadoorZ

Z Man DoormatadoorZ

Coast to coast, and across all species, the DoormatadorZ excels beyond its namesake hunting grounds.

It’s not too often that you see a national manufacturer design a lure based on a Northeast/Mid-Atlantic fishery, but that’s just what the folks at Z-Man Fishing Products have done with the all-new 6-inch DoormatadorZ. Designed specifically with the fluke fishery in mind, but with applications reaching far beyond hunting doormats, the 6-inch curly tail grub of the DoormatadoorZ will be equally at home on the fluke grounds as it will on reefs and wrecks inhabited by a variety of gamefish from black sea bass to striped bass to cod and more. Infused with 100% natural ProCure ‘Flounder Pounder’ Super Gel scent, these things come packed with plenty of visual and aromatic fish-attracting appeal. But what good is a soft plastic if it’s just going to rip or tear at the first short-strike? Well, with Z-Man’s buoyant, super-durable 10x tough ElaZtech construction you can stretch a DoormatadoorZ curly tail grub to lengths never before seen! (You really have to see how stretchy this substance is to believe it!)

“By its nature, ElaZtech is the perfect carrier of oil-based attractants, such as Pro-Cure,” notes Z-Man president Daniel Nussbaum. “While you must constantly reapply scent to traditional soft plastics, ElaZtech baits such as the DoormatadorZ actually soak up oil-based scents like a sponge. It actually penetrates the bait’s body and sticks. Even after a ton of casts and time in the water, you can still see, feel and smell the scent on the bait. And, when the scent finally does start to wear off, you can always add a little bit more to recharge the bait. Unlike other soft plastics, ElaZtech will actually reabsorb the scent again. That’s a huge deal in saltwater or really, any fishing situation where scent plays a major role in bite attraction.”

Z Man DoormatadoorZ

The DoormatadorZ can be rigged in a variety of ways including tipped on a bucktail jig, threaded onto a plain jighead like the Z-Man Striper Eye or TT Lures HeadlockZ jigheads, threaded onto a single hook as a teaser fished above a weighted jig, or however you set up your bottom fishing rigs.

DoormatadorZ are available in eight different highly visible, bright color schemes (hot chartreuse, pearl, nuked chicken glow, bleeding banana, coconut ice, pink glow, atomic sunrise and fusilier) tailored to fluke and other popular saltwater gamefish and come in 3-packs for just $4.99 each. Check them out today at your local Z-Man dealer!



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