RI Student Builds Fishing Line Receptacle For Earth Day - The Fisherman

RI Student Builds Fishing Line Receptacle For Earth Day


In honor of Earth Day, South Kingstown High School senior Brady Murdoch built and installed a fishing line collector at the Black Point fishing access site. Fishing line is not biodegradable and when it is not disposed of properly, it can cause serious damage by entangling or being ingested by wildlife, getting caught in boat propellers, and littering the Ocean State’s beautiful shorelines.

The Fisherman Magazine wanted to join the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) in extending our gratitude to Brady for his commitment to environmental stewardship and supporting the mission of cleaner and safer shorelines.

As outdoor enthusiasts and environmental stewards, all anglers have an obligation to keep Rhode Island’s fishing access sites clean. Many fishing sites throughout Rhode Island have fishing line collectors present, and once filled, they are emptied by DEM officials and the line is recycled. DEM encourages all anglers to use these collectors to dispose of their used fishing line properly – these collectors are for old fishing line ONLY and are not for other trash! It’s up to everyone to take care of our public lands. Remember to ‘leave no trace’ and carry out everything you carried in – especially trash. Be an ‘every day environmental hero’ by picking up litter when you see it. If we all work together to leave our open spaces cleaner than they were when we arrived, we will all benefit, most of all, the wildlife that call these places home.