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Share The Shore With Seals

Seals can be commonly seen on New York’s saltwater beaches, both in large groups or resting alone. Resting on beaches, rocks, and sandbars is an essential behavior for seals to help regulate their body temperature and relax while not actively swimming and hunting for fish.

Disturbing seals is prohibited and members of the public are instructed to remain at least 150 feet from a marine animal, as required by the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Please remember they are wild animals and to keep you and your pets at a distance. Seals are equipped with sharp teeth and can carry communicable diseases. It is stressful for the animal to be approached, and they may become aggressive.

If you suspect a seal or other marine mammal is sick or abandoned, please call the New York Stranding Hotline at (631) 369-9829 to report the animal.



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