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Should Santa Come Back To Town After Christmas? You Decide!

Berkley Fishing, together with Santa Claus, want anglers to decide where the jolly old elf should go after Christmas, and he’s bring up to $25,000 with him to the winning town.

Fishing tackle brand Berkley and Santa Claus are teaming up to look for fishy cities, towns, and communities who want Santa to visit, fish and donate to a good fishy cause on December 27th. Entering your community in the mix is easy: Answer the questions on the submission form at and state your case why Santa should come to your area.

Submissions are open to everyone, but will only be accepted from through December 5, 2021, so the window is closing fast!  The top five towns will be announced on December 6, 2021, and the winning town will be chosen by a public vote that will run from December 7 through December 12.

According to the folks from Berkley Fishing, the winning town will receive gifts for the children of the community and a generous donation for their conservation/special project from Berkley Fishing.  Just remember, the winning town must have a great fishing spot and clearly identify a conservation need or special fishing access project that Santa and Berkley can support!

Fill out the submission form and log back in after December 7 to vote at