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Silly Lilly Updates


These are the latest updates you can look forward to this spring at Silly Lilly.

The channels have been dredged. A deep water channel has been dug at Silly Lily to varying depths of 6 to 8 feet. The new channel starts from the opening of the inner basin, across the main dock and all the way out to Cupsogue beach. It is 75 feet wide and very deep.

The process of contracting with a marine engine and electronics repair group to help handle the growing service department has started. The goal is to service faster and more efficiently. Work has been done with Petersen Marine contraction for 6 months already including last summer as a trial run and it worked very well.

New docks will be replacing 50 percent of the main docks and pilings will be used to hold the docks out front. This will help secure boats when those end of summer winds whip up.

Bulkheads have been repaired at the entrance to the basin and along the west side basin. The decks will also be repaired.

Slip rates will remain the same for 2021. Anticipate them being sold out again, especially with the new deep water channel, so if you haven’t gotten in your slip contract please do so. They were due by January 31. Please reach out to Silly Lilly if you haven’t gotten your contract or just plain forgot by calling 631-878-0247.

Parking areas are now expanded. There will be 10 additional parking spaces in the back lot with a 1-inch beach stone base.

This year the online shopping site was launched. Please share with your friends. Discounts will be offered for first time shoppers. Give a visit.



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