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Students Feel Love Of Fishing At Absecon Hofnod Event

On Saturday, August 20 from 9 a.m. until a successful collaboration with Marlene Crump, Principle Academy Charter School Fishing Club Advisor/Community HOFNOD (Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs Team Leader); Dr. Adam Aguiar, Stockton University, Assistant Professor, New Angles For Success Program, and Lt. Huenke of Absecon Police Department, HOFNOD; community students, and parents enjoyed a special day of fishing at Absecon Heritage Park.

“Students had an amazing time catching channel catfish, largemouth, and sunnies,” Crump said, adding that students asked a lot questions about fish biology and how to identify various species. “Students felt love and concern from communities before going back to school in September,” Crump noted.


To top off the day Lt. Huenke sent two police officers to talk to students about preparing to become successful and to make good choices. Both police officers attended Stockton University and provided lures for students. “An added surprise for students was from Absecon McDonalds, they provided Happy Meals for students,” Crump said, adding “They loved it!”

“Again, we are extremely thankful to Dr. Aguiar for his dedication and genuine heart to his students, communities, schools, and families,” she said, while adding “He is definitely fulfilling the epitome of NJ Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs, educational and community establishments.”

Crump said close to 100 students signed up to learn to fish. “We thank Dr. Aguair for giving them a chance to learn group by group,” she said adding “We are getting them to fulfill their dreams.”