The 3rd Annual Bluewater Bash rolls into the Quincy Marriott on Friday, March 3 at 3:00 pm and kicks off two days of seminars, rigging demos, Q&A sessions. vendors and more directed at the awesome offshore fishery from Cape Cod to the canyons.

The official seminar line-up and itinerary is now available.

Nighttime Swordfishing in the Northeast canyons – Dr. Jon Pilcher
Learn the tricks and techniques to nighttime Swordfishing out in the canyons. A big focus will be on the terminal side of the equation with rod and reel set ups, leaders, and baits will be primary topics. This fishery has exploded here in the northeast and has become very exciting. Dr. Jon has truly been a pioneer up here in the North East swordfish fishery. NEW for 2017.

Strategic Angler- the art of fishing them – Merv Rubiano
Come and get a firsthand look into the world of one of the hottest lure systems on the market, “Strategic Angler”. The creator Merv Rubiano will be giving you an inside view to his lures and explain their actions and intended uses. He will also explain how he creates them and tests them from prototype to finished product. All of his lures are hand painted and truly one of kind. NEW for 2017.

Casting for surface feeding tuna – Capt. Matt Perechio
Learn the secrets, tips, and gear that get you on the fish from east of Chatham to the Canyons. This will give you an overview into the methods and techniques on how to put more big tuna and other pelagics into your boat using spinning gear out east of Chatham, south of MV, and in the Canyons. Updated for 2017.

Hands on Bait Rigging Lab – Marty “Wahoonbox” Hiatt
This is a brand new for 2017 presentation lead by Marty Hiatt who is a professional mate based in Morehead City, NC and he has become a legendary bait master. He will show you and teach you many ways to rig ballyhoo for both giants and for the canyons. Circle hook, J-hook, swimming, skipping, you name it, Marty has rigged it. This is a hands on presentation but we will have plastic gloves so you won’t have to smell like the bait when you’re done! NEW for 2017.

Competing in Offshore Tournaments – Capt. Eric Stewart
This presentation will give you tips and techniques to help you fish and compete in Offshore Fishing Tournaments. Capt. Eric has won well over $150,000 in his career in the Northeast tournament scene and he will explain to you the many techniques and strategies that will help put you and your crew on the leader board. The presentation will outline the several different formats used in tournaments and will cover the difference between big fish prize, total number of fish caught, multiple species point systems, as well as the Calcuttas. NEW for 2017.

Using your Electronics to catch more fish – Capt. Shaun Ruge
This presentation will help you get the most out of your electronics and how to use them to catch more fish. Capt. Shaun is a true expert in this field and his insightfulness in this area will help answer those questions of what can be done different. This is a must see. NEW for 2017.

Fishing South of MVNantucket – Capt. Bobby Decosta
This is a new fishery to many of you but there is nothing new about the abundance of Pelagic fish that you can catch south of the islands even from a small boat. From Mahi, to Bluefin, to White Marlin, there is no shortage of excitement that awaits you south of the islands. Capt. Bobby Decosta is based on Nantucket and these are his home waters. He is coming off of another great season fishing south. NEW for 2017.

Heavy Metal/Soft Plastics – Capt. Jack Sprengel
A Where, When and How Approach to the Jigging Side of Offshore Jigging and Casting for Pelagic Species. Chances are if you’ve watched the evolution of the Sportfishing niche “Offshore Jigging and Casting” AKA: “Jig and Pop” for the last few years, you have come across some of the works of Capt Jack Sprengel of East Coast Charters RI. Establishing himself at the earliest stages of this ever growing addition to the offshore and big game sportfishing community, Capt Sprengel has spent the last decade growing with the advances of this facet of the industry, both in terms of the practices and the equipment. Sprengel has happily passed on what he has learned to his colleagues and peers. Join Capt Jack for this detailed presentation focused on the most up to date underwater aspects of offshore jigging and targeting pelagics subsurface. Learn Tackle, Technique and optimized application. New for 2017.

Hands on Rigging Lab – Goose Hummock Staff
This a brand new hands on Lab where we will teach you many of the connections, knots, splices, crimping, and hook sets that you will need to master in order to catch more fish in the offshore world. We will cover ballyhoo rigs, hook baits, splicing hollow core, hook sets, live bait leaders, and numerous knots. This a very open presentation with questions answered and demonstrations tailored to the group’s needs. NEW for 2017.

Tuna Fishing on Stellwagen Bank – Capt. Bryan Sears
Capt.Bryan has been fishing for Bluefin Tuna on Stellwagen Bank for most of his life. He is one of the young guns out there who consistently catches them. He will being giving you and over view of live bait fishing and fishing with kites. This is a must see seminar and Capt.Bryan has a world of knowledge. These techniques can also be used in other areas as well as the Bank. NEW for 2017.

Tuna Trolling – Capt. Eric Stewart
This presentation will focus on trolling tips and techniques to catch bluefin tuna with a focus on both east of Chatham and south of MVNantucket. Capt. Eric will also explore the differences in fishing both areas and will touch upon the differences in trolling in the bluewater for yellowfin, big eye and other pelagic. Specific trolling patterns, tackle, planers, dead bait, and lures will be displayed and discussed. Updated for 2017.

Offshore Safety and Survival Equipment – Jacob Cabral LRSE
This class will give you an overview of the safety and survival equipment that you will want to have when you are fishing the offshore waters of the North Atlantic. Part of this personation will be a life raft deployment NEW for 2017.

Daytime Swordfishing the Northeast canyons – Dr. Jon Pilcher
Learn the tricks and techniques to deep drop for Swordfish during the daytime in the canyons. A big focus will be on the terminal side of the equation with rod and reel set ups, leaders, and baits will be primary topics. This fishery has exploded here in the northeast and has become very exciting. Dr. Jon has truly been a pioneer up here in the North East and daytimedeep dropping has become his specialty. NEW for 2017.

Harpooning, Tagging, and Releasing big fish – Capt. Eric Stewart
Once you have that big fish on and at the boat you need to be ready for the end game. Capt. Eric will go over the right way to leader, gaff, or harpoon a big fish at boat side. He will also go over the proper techniques for tagging and releasing your catch ensuring that they swim away to fight another day. Updated for 2017.

The Art of Fishing Dredges for Big Fish – Brandon Carter Fathom Lures
Learn some tips and techniques that will help you catch more fish in the bluewater. Specifically the use of dredges will be emphasized. Once you start pulling them you will catch more fish. Period. Brandon Carter of Fathom Lures will give you some insight to this fascinating trend in the Offshore Fishing World. NEW 2017.