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Black Sea Bass

Down & Deep: The Black Sea Bass Hack

Black sea bass are a mobile species. Throughout the four seasons, they can virtually be found anywhere in the water column, depending on the time of year.

Man in cap with black sea bass. fish net and rod

Sea Bass 101: Bait ‘em Up!

While diamond jigs are great for picking bull sea bass from deep water, go with bait to take home an easy limit of keepers.

Sea Bass: A Rising Star

There is no reason to gear up with heavy gear to crank up doubleheaders for the freezer when you can still fill your limit and have a lot more fun doing it with light tackle.

2018 4 A Changing Fishery Catch

Sea Bass: A Changing Fishery

In the last few decades, managers seem to have found the right formula and the sea bass population has been growing steadily.

Sea Bass: Management Methodology

The black sea bass fishery is jointly managed by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, ASMFC, and the National Marine Fisheries Service, NMFS. ASMFC issued a Public Information Document for Addendum XXX to the Fishery Management Plan for black sea bass in December 2017, on which they are looking for public comments.