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How To: Blackfish from Shore

Get expert instruction for catching blackfish from shore by The Fisherman, Long Island edition, Managing Editor, Matthew Broderick.

November Schoolies

November Schoolies

Clearly, recent decades have witnessed trends in both surf fishing for blues and striped bass, and to remain connected to the fish during these changes, anglers need to adapt on the run.

Surf Packing Light

Surf: Packing Light

You can use your own variation of small belt bags and pouches but the key is to keep it light.

SURF Fish Smarter

Surf: Fish Smarter, Not Harder

While there is no substitute for time spent in the surf, there is more to consistent success than simply putting in long hours.

Surf Leader Talk

Surf: Leader Talk

Too heavy a leader will alter lure performance, are more affected by wind and current, and good knots are more difficult to tie.

Sand To Stone

Sand To Stone

Being prepared and keeping things simple can help you adapt quickly to a variety of surf fishing scenarios.   a