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July 22, 2024 - 08:16:21

Karen at AW Marina told me summer was humming along at the shop and it had been a very busy weekend. They sold bait of all kinds all week long from fresh bunker to sandworms, squid, clams and crabs to ballyhoo, buckets of chum and flats of butterfish. The variety and volume of bait moving through the store reflects the wide array of bites available in the heart of summer throughout the region. Local action has been “off the hook” as one customer put it. Fishing for porgies in the mouth of the river, especially at the Fort Trumbull Pier. Striped bass have also been common catches for shore anglers fishing chunks in the same areas. The anglers in to buy crabs have reported good blackfish action and it hasn’t been too much of a challenge to catch their two keepers. Boat anglers also had success this week, especially Laurie Macha who weighed in an 11.4-pound fluke she caught in Connecticut waters on a homemade rig fished with squid. Other boats headed to The Race and continued to hammer the striped bass and bluefish. Diamond Jigs and bucktails have been the tools of the trade in the deep water rips there all summer.

July 15, 2024 - 10:00:10

Karen at AW Marina said fishing was good in the area again this week, especially for the shore crowd. Angler effort seemed to be somewhat limited as the wind had kept some boats at the dock but those who got out reported solid action. The best bite for boaters continues to be at The Race. Striper fishing has been excellent, and big bluefish have added to the excitement, or, frustration depending on your viewpoint. Big blues continue to fill in and Diamond Jigs, flutter spoons and bucktails are all catching fish. The black sea bass season is open and they’d heard of a few fish at the shop this week but no one had come in with a limit yet. Scup fishing is very good and fluke action remains unchanged, it’s a grind. There were some blackfish caught in the area from both shore and boat and the shop had been selling enough half buckets of crabs that the return on investment must be worthwhile. The shop has also had fresh mackerel most days and shore anglers have reported good chunk bites with it. Shore anglers also reported continued excellent porgy fishing with sandworms, squid and clams.

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